Guest Post: 3 Keys to Writing Successful Blog Posts By Nick Bilava

Posted by MiniCo on Jun 12, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Guest Post: 3 Keys to Writing Successful Blog Posts By Nick Bilava

So you’ve decided to start a blog for your self storage facility’s website, which is great! You’ll be able to connect with your customers on a closer level, potentially draw in some new leads, and even boost your website’s ranking in search engine results. But these benefits hinge on one critical aspect—the success of your blog. So how does one go about creating a worthwhile blog for a self storage company? For starters, here are three great tips for getting the most out of your company’s blog.

Relevant Topics

One surefire way to add to the success of your blog is to cover relevant topics that are of immediate interest to your readers. This means publishing blog posts that are meaningful at the time they’re posted, thus getting more attention from your readers. Basically, you don’t want to post a blog titled “How to Store Your Halloween Decorations” in the middle of July because it won’t be relevant to what’s going on in your readers’ lives at the time.

Providing Solutions for Readers

A very crucial element to blogging, and this kind of goes along with tackling relevant topics, is providing solutions for common questions. When you’re able to give valuable solutions for problems that many of your readers are dealing with, you’ll experience great feedback. Most people browsing the Internet are looking for answers to specific questions. If you’re able to answer whatever it is they’re asking, you have a high possibility of gaining another follower—or, better yet, a loyal customer.

Make sure to bring your own expertise to every post you publish, too. Ask yourself “Why would anyone want to hear this from me?” If you operate a storage facility, you have more knowledge about self storage than most people do, so be sure to share your unique perspective in your blog.

Have Fun With It!

Take a look at any popular blog, and this is one thing that they all have in common. They find a way to make it fun. When you inject creativity into your company’s blog and have fun with what you’re doing, more people are going to find it entertaining. Readers, of any form of media, are more likely to keep reading something when they find it entertaining so this can have a huge impact on your blog’s success.

The best part about blogs is that they don’t have to be formal. This is a form of media where you can let your personality shine through and really allow yourself to have some fun. Trust me—your readers will be glad you did! It’s far more refreshing to read something that has a little bit of personality to it than to read dry material, even if it is informative.

So if you’re starting a blog for your self storage company or are just looking for ways to improve your current blog, keep these helpful tips in mind. With a successful company blog, you’ll be able to markedly improve your brand visibility, which could ultimately lead to more storage rentals.

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